Hello. Well after a year I came back.  A lot things have changed. I’m not a school girl anymore. I will be studying soon…..I hope.
I know that I should’ve been talkin about art. Stuff here  but….I think it will go more personal. But don’t worry art. Is going to be here too. I NEED ART. WE NEED ART.
So this time is very important in my life. I live in new place whci I know since I was born but…..I didn’t lived here xd Well, I have new house….but soon I will be living i another place becouse I need to continue my education. It is hard to find something new…here in Poland,sometimes  I wish I could live in differend place in the world. I will  be,one day.
I’m sure that you’ve watched ’13 reasons why’..yeah…me too. I am in a bad mood now, weird mood.
I need to do something, anything with my life, go forward, do something, but in another way I don’t want to, I can’t…. it is weird.
But anyway, to make this post more positive I can recommend you a ‘Girlboss’. That show have got a POWER TO MOVE!!! So, lets go, LETS MOVE THIS BLOG FORWARD!!
See ya.

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