Hello. Well after a year I came back.  A lot things have changed. I’m not a school girl anymore. I will be studying soon…..I hope.
I know that I should’ve been talkin about art. Stuff here  but….I think it will go more personal. But don’t worry art. Is going to be here too. I NEED ART. WE NEED ART.
So this time is very important in my life. I live in new place whci I know since I was born but…..I didn’t lived here xd Well, I have new house….but soon I will be living i another place becouse I need to continue my education. It is hard to find something new…here in Poland,sometimes  I wish I could live in differend place in the world. I will  be,one day.
I’m sure that you’ve watched ’13 reasons why’..yeah…me too. I am in a bad mood now, weird mood.
I need to do something, anything with my life, go forward, do something, but in another way I don’t want to, I can’t…. it is weird.
But anyway, to make this post more positive I can recommend you a ‘Girlboss’. That show have got a POWER TO MOVE!!! So, lets go, LETS MOVE THIS BLOG FORWARD!!
See ya.



Today I’m calm so I can write.  I’ve got a few things which I would like to talk about, but I chose the older one (?). So I read this book about month ago. I needed something true, and not from this age. I knew that I need this book in my collection. I bought it, and started to read. First book bitten me, then ate me. Sue Monk Kidd created, and tell so true story about women, collor people and looking for truth. ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ is …….book called perfect book.
Lily leaves with her cold and agressive father. All her life she lives with guilty that her mothers death was her fault.
Life is changing when she finding home i South Carolina next  to three charming, strong womans. That might be her family.
I want to say that after i read book I watched a movie with the same tittle.. And if even it is not exactly the same with book. It is just charming.
I added some pics with polish cover and lilac. From the book I know that when bees don’t have any flowers already they use lilac. And from this flowers they are making lilac honey.
I really would like to find this one honey. And taste it…..


tea or coffe

If we are that what we eat, who are we when we drink?
There are two the most popullar drinks in the world. Coffe and tea. To types of people or people with double personality. Have you ever thought what is in your cup?
Let’s see… Wikipedia is telling us that Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia and Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant. More you can read by yourself.
And yes…drinking is one type of art too. You could ask ‘What is she talking about?’. Yes, you could. But you can’t. Look at that from my perspective. We want to drink everything in nice looking thing. We buy sweet cups, the Coffeehouses offer us nice paper cups just to make pleasant our day…and enjoy drinking.
Every single pearson drinks coffe or tea in differend style…..with sugar, honey, brown sugar, milk etc. Some of people doesn’t drink it at all.
And what I would like to say?
Every single thing is our choice even that what we drink.

So, tea or coffe?



And I’m 18 years old girl now. There isn’t anything different.
My party was great..I think. Everyone looked perfect and I really liked the climate of the room. That was good.
I would like to thank my friends and family for wishes and .. presents. They’re great!
I’ve got a lot of new books now. Two new Albums and beautiful jewellery. There are some creative presents to.
My birthday cake I’ve made by myself and…there  were a lot of flowers and himmingbird. That bird was in some different place to..I mean I got a watch with him.
Properly floral patterns are so beautiful. Great for spring and summer. On clothes, shoes. New Gucci campaign was just full of that. And that’s why I fall in love at that. Now I will show you where in my room I can found FLORALS.
Have a nice week.

My stuff


overalls called jumpsuit

2 days to my birthday… 2 days I will be an adult. I can’t believe that. This two weeks were very nerve. Ya, my birthday party. I decided to make party in Great Gatsby style. I hope that everything will be all right. I will say more after that.
There is only one thing which I would like to say. I’m gonna wear overall.
This is perfect choice for women  which want to feel comfy, and elegant. Every time you can look different and ..just perfect. At the beggining overalls was made for mens to work. Later when mens were fighting on war womens were using mens clothes. After war overalls were sewn  mainly from the jersey, soft knitted fabric promoted by Coco Chanel . Dresses without corsets , trousers and overalls were baze of  collection of famous designer .
In 70s overalls was used on stage. For example ABBA.
In the 80s the suit took on the characteristics of sports , there have epaulets , patch pockets , and above all, firmly padded shoulders. Again, this comfortable and feminine attire liked actress , model and singer . This does not mean , however , that the suit belonged exclusively to the dressing room of stars . Through all these years,  liked it and wore the " ordinary " women .
More popular word is just jumpsuit.