Today I’m calm so I can write.  I’ve got a few things which I would like to talk about, but I chose the older one (?). So I read this book about month ago. I needed something true, and not from this age. I knew that I need this book in my collection. I bought it, and started to read. First book bitten me, then ate me. Sue Monk Kidd created, and tell so true story about women, collor people and looking for truth. ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ is …….book called perfect book.
Lily leaves with her cold and agressive father. All her life she lives with guilty that her mothers death was her fault.
Life is changing when she finding home i South Carolina next  to three charming, strong womans. That might be her family.
I want to say that after i read book I watched a movie with the same tittle.. And if even it is not exactly the same with book. It is just charming.
I added some pics with polish cover and lilac. From the book I know that when bees don’t have any flowers already they use lilac. And from this flowers they are making lilac honey.
I really would like to find this one honey. And taste it…..

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  1. This is a really cute post, thanks for sharing! I think your blog is lovely by the way, let me know if you want to follow each other! x