overalls called jumpsuit

2 days to my birthday… 2 days I will be an adult. I can’t believe that. This two weeks were very nerve. Ya, my birthday party. I decided to make party in Great Gatsby style. I hope that everything will be all right. I will say more after that.
There is only one thing which I would like to say. I’m gonna wear overall.
This is perfect choice for women  which want to feel comfy, and elegant. Every time you can look different and ..just perfect. At the beggining overalls was made for mens to work. Later when mens were fighting on war womens were using mens clothes. After war overalls were sewn  mainly from the jersey, soft knitted fabric promoted by Coco Chanel . Dresses without corsets , trousers and overalls were baze of  collection of famous designer .
In 70s overalls was used on stage. For example ABBA.
In the 80s the suit took on the characteristics of sports , there have epaulets , patch pockets , and above all, firmly padded shoulders. Again, this comfortable and feminine attire liked actress , model and singer . This does not mean , however , that the suit belonged exclusively to the dressing room of stars . Through all these years,  liked it and wore the " ordinary " women .
More popular word is just jumpsuit.

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  1. Gorgeous - love everything!!!

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