city like a zoo

Zoo City. How do you think world will look like if people bad choices ( I mean murder) will appear like animals which are waiting in front of doors. Zinzi lives in Johannesburg ( South Africa). She is walking across  life with sloth on her back. Her lover –Benoit- is sometimes closer sometimes far away ( it is depended about feelings of his mongoose ). Zinzi is specialist  in finding missing things. But not people. Until she needs to found a teenage pop Singer. It could be the end with white crocodile in the background.  The climate of the book created by Lauren Beueks is perfect. The beginning was hard. But all next pages was better and better and when the end came I couldn’t believe that. That was one of the most suprising books in 2010 but for me is the most suprising book for years.

“But I really wanted to believe that there were these magic celestial bodies that would direct my life, tell me what to do, and it turns out it's not stars, it's some bits of screwy DNA. I'm just meat with faulty programming.” 
 Lauren BeukesZoo City


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  1. Cada foto linda, esse livro me deixou curiosa, depois faz resenha.
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

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  3. Wow this book sounds really interesting and weird at the same time haha x


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