movie fashion

If you’ve ever seen Tim Burton’s movie, you should know that is one of the most beautiful artistic views. I love his films. Music, stories, actors. Just all. Sometimes I think that I should be in the same age as him. But I’m younger…much younger. His movies have really gorges clothes. And this is today theme. Fashion in film. I’m going to show you the most, cute, beautiful costumes from films. And of course I had to choose a few, there are to many.

             Burton's movies ....you should watch all of them

        "Blue Jasmine" Woody Allen's movies are perfect too

                 "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ofcourse

             I love Carries outfits at "Sex and the city"

                     clothes in "Her" are adoreble

P.S. If you have been looking for more watch 'Woman in gold', 'The Age of Adaline'....you can tell  film you want to recommend for me.

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