Finally, when I’m looking outside I see snow! I love winter and I’ve got one theory why I much more like building the snowman than sunbathing on the beach in Greece ( in Italy maybe yes ). So I think that if it is cold, really cold we can wear something really warm, or be in some building which is heating, and we will alive. But if it is very hot we can’t take off everything , even in our skin we feel like ice creams in microwave. Yes, I think that. And today I’m not going to talk a lot. I wan’t to show you some beautiful ski outfits. Do you like skiing ? I love. And ice skating. Yes , winter sports make me feel so motivated. Trust me I don’t know the reason. It just happend. I chose this subject because on the Vogue’s Instagram I saw the most simply and lovely ski look. I wish some day look so beautiful on the ski slope like the model, of course I will have really messy hair, and red face, but that look is great. Ok, stop talking. Show time. Thank you.


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  2. This post makes me want to go skiing!
    Such great outfit ideas.


  3. So in love with your blog! You've got such a fresh style and it really is a pleasure to read it!
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  4. I like the idea of winter and snow, but I really hate rain. Nice pics :D


  5. I'm not keen on winter, but love the sports. Not bold to participate though. Lol!
    Happy weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. Nice post:)


  7. Do you want follow each other in GFC and G+? please let me know in my blog! have a great day <3