second break

There comes the time …when my second Winter Break began. Two weeks of freedom. First week I was spending on watching TV series…that mean  ‘Hannibal’. I fall in love in that movie. That must be very strange because the main theme is.. Dr Lecter’s cannibalism. I just can tell you that first week was pretty strange. The second main thing was the book „ The Tommyknockers” by S.King. But you know a little beat of ferry and beautiful view outside, hot tea. For me that enought. But when the second week began I read ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ and ‘Girl online’ – you know that woman’s and teen issues. I’m going on the quick family-friend tour tommorow. Maybe finally some my own pics? I cut my hair so now I will show you my draws which are in this ‘short hair’ theme. And I will show you my face if I will really knew that you want it. Now the most important is art.


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  1. Nice blog, dear!


  2. Wow, so nice! I've got only 3 free days yet ;_;
    Kisses, Aiko
    here is my blog