beauty in yourself

When I’m looking to people wherever I’m I see how diffrent we are. There is only one thing similar in all of us. We’re beautiful. All people were and will be planned with spectacular precision. As you know the beauty is not only this what we see outside. Our „inside” is important  outside to. When I’m looking to human I see small and very important things. Eyes ..they’re the most important. People say that when we see the eyes we see the human soul. There must be some true in that. But…I’ve got one question. How do you think you look like? Can you see the beauty in yourself? I’ve made an experiment. Every day I was drawing myself. Six portraits-one pearson. There were only some sketches but….I saw how diferend I’m for myself every day.  Even when I didn’t look like me on them the character was mine. Feelings were mine. Eyes were mine. If you can’t draw just spend a few  more seconds to look at yourself in the mirror and see the things which are beautiful at you. Just on them, because when another pearson will look at you, he will seen how this good things are make you beautiful. Live in peace with yourself. Someone planned you and that piece of art was really good.
Thank you for everything.

p.s. The second time will be about Oscars. I’m so happy about Leo!

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